Most of the drawing in this series are finished in my high school years and first year in college. “Nature – Nurture,  Life – Death, Struggle – freedom” are three themes I constantly addressing in my illustration. Growing up in mainland China and later study abroad in the United States, I faced a lot of cultural difference and identity confusion. I used various media and colors to explore my struggle during this period.


Blue. 2017

7*11 inch.
Watercolor, gold ink, liner.


Purple & Green. 2017

5*5 inch.
Ball pen.

Gold. 2017

7*11 inch.
Watercolor, gold ink, liner.


Who is she? 2017

9*11 inch.
Watercolor, colorpencil.


Dream. 2017

In this World. 2017

9*11 inch.
Watercolor, markers, liner.

9*11 inch.
Watercolor, Markers, liner.


Portfolio. 2016

8.5*11 inch.Ink,liner.

The portfolio on the left is my first trial exploring these concepts. 

Click the image to see the whole portfolio.

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"Design is thinking made visual."
-- Saul Bass